Posted by Jeff Elkins on Nov 5th 2017

Its dark green on green stripes tantalize the eyes, but malachite’s energy heals the heart and soothes the soul.

Malachite is a copper carbonate, and that gives it a bad rap for being toxic. Actually, Malachite’s dust is what is toxic, and generally only in large amounts. It can be dangerous to mine or cut large slabs of malachite without proper breathing protection. Still on the fence? Then handle only tumbled malachite and/or wash your hands after working with the raw stuff. And avoid contact with your mouth.

Physically, our bodies respond to this stone through its strong copper component. Copper is an energy conductor. That gives us a zap. The green color brings a light energy to the heart chakra and uplifts the spirit. Malachite is also known to detect any kind of danger coming their way. It is said to break into pieces when danger is close at hand.

Malachite creates an energetic barrier against Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) helping the body to release stress, fatigue and even the overwhelming emotion of desperation. Malachite has been called “the stone of transformation”. Great for support in most any endeavor. Its message to me is “Spirit moves, heart follows, body heals”.

I often feel that Malachite makes the heart smart. It stimulates, but then grounds the energy, helping us to move forward with wisdom and passion.

Because Malachite and Azurite often occur together (along with Chrysocolla) teaming them all together or in different combinations provides for some pretty interesting results.

With Azurite for instance; we get a fresh, new perspective along with a blend of the intuitive third eye with the passion of the high heart.

Chrysocolla adds an energetic of detoxification as well. Chrysocolla aids us in finding deep inner wisdom. And then shows us a new way.

A third close companion, Cuprite, adds even more energy to the mix. Cuprite is a copper oxide, adding a strong momentum energetic to the root chakra. Cuprite helps us to overcome unhealthy and self-imposed rules of authority, shaking off ideas of how others expect us to act and behave.

Because its molecular structure is cubic, it also helps stabilize the emotional as well as mental and physical bodies.

Now back to our lush green warrior. Malachite is formed deep underground where the natural water table meets hydrothermal zones. Basically, these areas create chemical precipitation Sounds kind of gnarly and likely it is. I’m not sure it would be too healthy for us to live in these conditions. But you don’t have to dig deep all the time.

Malachite is a secondary mineral of copper. That happens when copper minerals are altered by other minerals (like limestone) during the formation stages. Sometimes that happens faster than you would think though Did you know that the green patina that forms on copper and bronze is a form of malachite?

With Malachite, you learn something new everyday. Its hard to beat that.