Ametrine- The Dynamic Duo

Ametrine- The Dynamic Duo

Posted by Jeff Elkins on Nov 14th 2017

Literally, the best of both worlds. But when you start looking deeper, things get a little mysterious.

Most of the world’s supply of Ametrine comes from Bolivia, and in a perfect world, it would be a mix of amethyst (a master healer) and citrine. Actually, the citrine color has more to do with surrounding impurities and oxidation states reached during the molten state.

Ametrine came under the eyes of Europeans in the 1500’s. A conquistador gifted his Queen with specimens from a mine he received as a dowry. Quite a prize!

On the energetic side, a quartz is a quartz. Silcon dioxide, what I call the information storage device. But that’s where the color comes in.

Amethyst’s purple violet ray sends high vibrational waves throughout the body, helping to heal most any mental or physical ailment (excluding apparently schizophrenia). It’s my number one go to for issues of addiction, overindulgences and patterns. Amethyst sooths nervous pets, aids all of us with sleep patterns, and is legendary for its energetic protection.

Add the master manifester, Citrine. Also known as the “Merchant Stone”, Citrine boosts our abilities to move energy into physical form and bring abundance into our lives at a very fast pace. It’s also helpful for many digestive issues, cleanses the aura, and helps to purify the physical body. That is, of course, due to citrine’s golden yellow to tan ray. Hits it square in the solar plexus chakra, which also helps us to hold our ground authentically and boost our self-confidence.

When the duo collides, Ametrine energy helps with anger, anxiety, concentration, confidence creative-expression, fear, grief, clarity, support of the physical body, and willpower. An excellent soothing energy, its also said to aid those with long term illness.

That collision twisty energy, to me, ads a very strong clearing effect on the aura, sort of a cyclone dust-off.

If traveling light, I tend to carry ametrine as it is more versatile and is capable of treating multiple ailments.

Amethyst’s lofty spiritual connection added to citrine’s ability to bring it into the physical, make this team a great asset to the healer bag.